Harlesden Town Garden

An urban green space where we can grow, play and learn together in the heart of Harlesden

This award-winning community garden has been created through the work and dedication of volunteers and is funded by donations.

What’s On?

Get Involved

Come and enjoy our gardens. Wander through the paths in the wildflower meadow and take inspiration from our flower beds. As well as trees and flower beds, we have an allotment with raised beds to rent, a children’s play area, a multi-use games area and a community Hub House.

Green Club

An opportunity to learn about gardening, help with the upkeep of the garden and connect with the community through volunteering

Raised Bed Allotment owners at Harlesden Town Garden

Raised Bed Allotments

Grow your own food, invest in your health and well-being by spending time in this little oasis in the heart of Harlesden

HTG Converted container clubhouse

Hub House

Hire our converted container solar-powered clubhouse for your next meeting, workshop or event

An award-winning community garden

We have won several prestigious awards that celebrate our beautiful garden and honour our community efforts.

FHTG Chairwoman Gill Archer collecting an award

What's on @ Harlesden Town Garden

Find out what’s happening and when. From Green Club to special events happening in the garden - and in the community.

Community members attending an the Urban Harvest Event at Harlesden Town Garden

Fun Facts About Gardening

Learn more about the climate and biodiversity emergency and easy ways that you can play your part in helping Harlesden to become climate resilient

All life starts with soil

Do you know that digging and adding fertilisers can harm the structure of the soil and the worms, fungi and micro-organisms that inhabit and help form it? These organisms and bacteria create the conditions needed for healthy plant growth.
Why soil matters!

UK's flying insects have declined by 60% in 20 years

The UK’s insect population has fallen sharply as invertebrates are affected by rising temperatures and damaged habitats.

By growing more flowers, shrubs and trees that are pollen and nectar-rich, you will play an essential part in reversing this trend.
How to protect our insects!

Messy is good

Creating log piles and allowing seed heads to remain into the winter can create habitats and shelter for small creatures.

By providing a mixture of short and long grass and allowing plants such as dandelions, oxeye daisies and bird eye trefoil to you can create a wildflower meadow.
Wonder the wildflower meadows

Water is life

Did you know that the UK is not as wet as we think? The UK is expected to experience severe water shortages in the coming decades. The reason for these predicted water shortages is climate change and population growth, which will put extra pressure on demand.

Small changes to how we use water can make a big difference.
What's your water footprint?

Seasons are changing

As our world warms, our seasons are changing too. The International Journal of Climatology found that the "first leaf" date for the pedunculate oak in the UK was 10 days earlier in 2020 than in 2000-2009.

This means that the leaves appear on trees earlier, and food growth and wildlife patterns are also changing because of climate change.
Find out the facts

Gardening is good for mental health

Gardening helps us stay fit and connect with others. It also lets us enjoy nature and its many colours, smells, wildlife, and beauty.

Just thinking about nature can help us rest and recharge our brains. In addition to growing beautiful plants, we can also grow food and cures for minor ailments in our gardens.
Get mindful of mental health!

Where to find us

Challenge Close, Harlesden, NW10 4BB
The garden is open Monday to Sunday during daylight hours.

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